Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Most Epic Breakfast Burrito

Here's what we know, Coachella-wise:  On Saturday, the Schneider boys ordered breakfast burritos from room service that cost more than the combined cost of their bar mitzvahs.  The burritos took their sweet time arriving at the private villa, however, and the delay brought forth much displeasure.  As the minutes ticked by, the longed-for breakfast burritos took on new and colorful descriptions: "those @#$%'n burritos," "those stupid-ass @#$%'n burritos" and post-consumption, "those were some tasty @#$%'n burritos."  Once we got them off the burrito topic, we learned that on Friday night, Jay-Z was "hot" but Beyonce was "hotter."  The eldest caught a glimpse of the bootilicious one in the wings and has yet to recover. 
This was enough info to last me till this morning, when hubby checked his crackberry to see if the youngest had responded to his "Rock on!" text message, sent Saturday at 8 p.m. The eldest had shot back a series of !!!!!!! to hubby's "Rock n' roll!" text immediately, thereby confirming he still had a pulse. But the youngest sent bupkis, until 11:13. The text hubby retrieved reported the following: "Muse was the most epic @#$% I've ever seen. Blew my mind how good they were." I am so happy for all concerned. That's enough info for now.


  1. I love "epic." I'm going to start using it for everything: "Have an epic day!" "This salad is epic!" "It was epic for me, was it epic for you?" Loved the post and so glad I'm not you right now.

  2. Better me than you. But you've been here many a time! Double oy. Thankie!