Thursday, April 22, 2010

Idol Gives & Takes Tim

"Idol Gives Back":  Alternate snooze/sob fest.  There, I said it.  The show ran long, longer and longest ever; two-and-a-half hours of much too muchness.  Somewhere in the first hour, my brain blurred, my lids dropped and off I went for one of several naps.  I'd done some pre-show net searching.  I'd Googled, "Who gets eliminated," for I'm not a big fan of suspense.  I'm more of a "just tell me now and get it over with" kind of gal.  When preggers, did I want to know the baby's sex?  Yes, please, even though, sans ultrasound, I could've told you I'd be making boychicks and residing in a Barbie-free zone.  It was my destiny. 

So I knew the Hotness, the Cuteness and the High School Student were in the bottom long before they dimmed the lights.  I didn't know who got eliminated, however, because by seven p.m., West Coast, I gave up the Google and watched "Top Chef Masters."  At least I'd picked two of the three bottom dwellers, but  my campaign to see Butterfly Girl auff'd tanked yet again.  There's always next week.  This week, after many sad sad videos, after enduring Fergie and her snaky thigh boots, and other so-so musical offerings, including another cringe-inducing lip-sync-o-rama from Idols (present and recently expunged), after a truly lame Jonah Hill-Russell Brand faux telethon bit, I was so freakin' relieved to see Annie Lennox via satellite, and Elton John via Pasadena, that I did a little sofa swaying in celebration. 

Then at last, it came down to Casey and Tim.  I admit Casey's first time in the loser's circle irked me, for I'd warned him about the ponytail and he'd ignored me and look where it got him?  Next week:  No ponytail.  You're welcome, your Hotness.  With seconds to go and no time left to perform, Tim got the heave-ho, and smiled, grateful for the ride.  Dude was a last-minute substitution, picked by the producers, not the judges, and  this classy young man, impossible to dislike, took it further than anyone would've expected.  Nicely done, T.  Get a free whitening on me, brutha.  You gonna be just fine.

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