Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inspire This!

Last night, Alicia Keys told her starstruck mentees to,"Bring out the inspiration and truth and find what they're made of."  This was no easy task, and not all delivered. Some did, some didn't, some gave it their best, some cheesed it up, some wore butterflies, and one supremely talented gal cried cuz Dad was in the audience, and that made me cry, but then, I weep if you look at me the wrong way.  Unlike Adam Lambert, who gave the Idols actual guidance, Alicia K, a gorgeous gal with lustrous hair I would love to adorn my keppie, if only for a day -- too much to ask?  an afternoon then -- gave them so little to go on, she could have texted it:  "Feel the words."  "Connect."  Only Big Mike got a taste of honesty:  "That fell a little short," she said.  "Bring people on a ride." And speaking of this week's theme (we were, weren't we) guess who was in the audience? A TRUE AMERICAN IDOL. That's right, people. Captain Sully! 

Let's break in down, shall we?  Twist my arm.  Here we go:

1.  Casey,  "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow":  The Hotness ignored the all-points-ponytail bulletin previously issued by the SJG.  I groaned audibly at the sight of his gathered locks, but then moved past my bitterness and very much enjoyed his stab at Fleetwood Mac.  Is the bluesy rocker a one-note performer, as the judges say?  Maybe, but he wears it well and knows who he is and knows his fans, and what more can you ask for at this stage of the game?  A rock opera?  Let him do his thang.  He'll have a Bo Bicey kind of career if he plays it right, or better.  Instead, the judges all slammed him, not only after his own performance, but after Lee's as well.  Meanies!
2.  Lee "Former Paint Salesman" D, "The Boxer":  Excellent and moving, growly goodness.  I dug it, I did.  So did the judges.  Randy labeled him a great artist.  Ellen lauded the beauty, the depth, the soul of it all.  "You get better and better."  Kara gushed, "You had your moment."  Simon praised him while trashing Casey.  "The difference between you and Casey is staggering," Stagger this, Simon. Go on, I dare ya.
3.  Tim, "Better Days":  Mr. T went ga-ga for a Goo Goo Dolls hit, and did a decent job that thrilled not one of the judges.  Oh, they were harsh on the Timster.  I think they want him gone this week.  They're done with the Cuteness.  Randy deemed it "okay."  Ellen compared it to Soup of the Day.  "Sometimes you like the soup, sometimes you don't.  I didn't like the soup today."  Kara was kinder:  "Not your best performance."  Simon felt a little bit let down.  Sorry, Simon, I'll do better next week.  Promise!
4.  Aaron, "I Believe I Can Fly":  One of my favorite songs of all time; just gives me chills every time I hear it sung right.  It was a big song for Aaron to take on, and for me it was nice and gutsy.  Randy thought he did a good job, but found the arrangement funny, not in a ha-ha way.  Ellen commended him for handling it. "It was real good."  Kara thought he took off at the end.  Simon said, "You gave it your all.  It wasn't good but you made it good."  Whaa?
5.  Siobhan, "When You Believe":  The gal who puts the O in odd, with her strange fashion sense, fluttered up a decent enough performance, with butterflies on her shoulders and feathers sticking out of her hair.  Two words of stylistic advice:  Stop that.  Randy said it was "okay, baby."  Ellen liked it.  Kara said she sang it well, technically, but, "I don't know who you are, anymore."  I'm the SJG! Oh, you mean Siobhan?  Yeah, I don't know who the heck she is either, and I think she might be going home.  But then, I say that a lot, doncha know.
6.  Big Mike, "Hero":  Big Mike has a Big Ego and picked a big cheeseball song that falls short on inspiration, yet he did a very good job.  Randy:  "You held your own, dawg."  Ellen:  "Great job."  Kara:  "Not my favorite."  Simon:  "It felt artificial.  It didn't gel."  Either way, Big Mike will still be on board the Idol train next week.  No worries. 
7.  Crystal, "People Get Ready":  So awesome, so real, so b-yoot-ti-ful.  Once again, MamaSox rose above the rest to greatness, and broke down at the end.  She started a capella, she left her guitar back stage, she wore a gown and took it to church and earned a standing O from Randy.  The judges all praised her, deservedly so, for her soul and risk-taking, her evolution as an Artist. 

Bottom Three:  Aaron, Siobhan, Tim
Going home:  Siobhan


  1. SJG
    I make a point to read your blogs, regularly, and don't know why I haven't left comments. I suppose it's because after reading your brillant words, mine fall short. I'll keep it simple, LOVE YOU!

  2. Luv you back!!!! Thanks for the support! Keep reading, keep sharing, keep truckin', keep on keepin' on and keep in touch!