Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bow Wow Wow

Now and then, Dusty packs his things and says, "I'm outta here."  I'm not sure what sets him off.  We give him everything he wants.  We treat him like royalty.  We dress him in fashionable clothes.  We buy him the finest squeaky toys.  Unlike our actual children, who must earn their keep, we spoil him rotten.  But sometimes, it's just not enough. 

Sometimes, he needs more companionship, of the canine variety.  On such occasions, he jumps in the car and sits there, pouting for awhile till we get the message.  "Dusty's in the car," one of us will say.  "You know what that means."  And just like that, off he goes to Bow Wow Bungalow, a heavenly place where dogs get to be dogs and do doggy things all day long.  They run and play and splash and hang in packs, then collapse in a big furry heap.  I just hope he remembers to send a postcard.  Is that too much to ask?


  1. Don't expect a postcard. But he should lick you like mad when he comes home, his doggie way of saying, "Thanks, Mom, I needed that!"

  2. ...Until he starts missing his people!