Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Give MamaSox The Crown, Or I'll Pout

Lee vs. Crystal.  Crystal vs. Lee.  Based on last night's stellar butt-whomping, Crystal deserves the Season 9 Idol crown.  Will she get it?  Will her dreads get tangled in the jewels?  Dude, I hope so.  Yet it's impossible to tell.  For the past few weeks, the judges have clearly favored Lee.  Simon and Randy even predicted he'd win in separate interviews, but that was before Crystal worked her magic Tuesday night.

They couldn't praise her enough.  Lee's nerves got the best of him.  His renditions of "The Boxer," "Everybody Hurts" and "Beautiful Day" were serviceable, but nothing special.  They didn't match his big Sinatra or "Hallelujah" moments.  Crystal soared from the get-go, with "Me & Bobby McGee," and even made "Black Velvet" sound new and improved.  I got such shpilkes watching her on those stairs, I couldn't really enjoy it.  "Don't trip, please don't trip" overrode her vocals.  The producer choice was uninspired and misguided.  Crystal's not a rocker chick.  Still, she pulled it off with style, didn't she?  Just as she's done the entire season.  And then came the sweet highlight:  Patty Griffin's "Up to the Mountain."  I've been a huge Patty Griffin fan since forever, so this one gave me chills.  Finale prediction, accompanied by a giant kina hora: Crystal. 


  1. She's just plain terrific. Outdoes Janis, even, (God rest her once tortured soul).

  2. So agree with you Vicki! Let's hope it plays out the way we want it to tonite!