Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Your Face

Movie night on the Idol stage.  Oscar-winner/R&B singer Jamie Foxx came back a-mentorin' (by popular demand?) and got in the faces of the final four. They freaked in his presence, and I don't blame 'em.  Squirm cental.  Dude planted his punim directly in Lee's air space. Always helpful.  Jamie told the Hotness to seduce him.  Jamie intimidated Crystal and humbled Big Mike, which is no small feat.  Props for that.  Jamie gave out T-shirts, too.  Contestant or artist?  Artist or contestant?  Yawnsville.  Even so, I'd like one of each, por favor, in petite.

Whether Jamie guided or bullied them or did a little of both, one thing is clear. He annoyed the SJG and inspired so-so solos.  Yet the duets were awesome. Lee and Crystal's "Falling Slowly" was gorgeousness, deemed great by the judges.  Casey and Mike killed with "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?"  Ellen killed with her funniest line all season:  "Yes, I have loved a woman."

The solos came in mixed.  Lee's "Kiss From a Rose" was nice enough, but not great.  Too pitchy for Randy.  Ellen thought he could've done more with it.  Kara said he got lost.  Simon found it "verging on karaoke."  Mike gospelized "Will You Be There" and turned in something fine.  Randy didn't love it, though. Ellen called it predictable.  Kara missed the goose bump moment.  Simon said, tepidly, "You gave it 100 percent" and went on to talk too much about his willy.  Awkward!  Casey sang "Mrs. Robinson," strummin' a teeny gee-tar.  Pretty good, Hotness-wise, but missing the irony.  Many dumb jokes about Kara as Mrs. Robinson followed.  Randy thought Casey sounded cool and laid-back.  Ellen liked how he changed it up.  Kara took off her blouse.  Oh, wait, that didn't happen.  So.  Sorry.  She liked it.  Simon, not so much.  He found it lazy.  Crystal picked Kenny Loggins' "I'm Alright."  I dug it a whole bunch, and so did the judges.   Bottom two, no brainer:  Casey and Mike.  Going home:  A toss-up, people.  Mike has been in the pit much more than Casey.  So... Mike?  What do you think?  Help me out here. 


  1. I think it's Big Mike despite his thinly-veiled 'please let me realize my dream of making the top 3' desperate plea. Loved, loved, loved the "Once" duet and Casey was the one who shone on "Have you ever loved a woman" with his Spanish-style guitar awesomeness. IMHO.