Thursday, May 6, 2010


Out you go, Aaron

"Casey or Aaron:  Gonesville."  So said my friend Penny, the Rock n' Roll Grandma, in agreement with my half-accurate bottom two prediction yesterday.  Greedy former journalist that I am, I told her I was stealing her "gonesville" and making it my own, and she generously handed over my new favorite word.  Shout out to Penny!  So, yes, the high school boy is gonesville, but the cowboy had a nice long ride, didn't he?

Top Five.  Not bad.  Give him a few years to mature, find some of that there charisma, and who knows?  Aaron's sweet voice and aw-shucks-ness might land him a record deal, a duet with Shania, or a free pass to Six Flags Over Dollywood.  There's just no telling, is there?  Now, I'd be remiss in not mentioning that it was Big Mike, not the Hotness, who faced danger last night, as did I, 
                 I look hot here

attempting to recreate Lady Gaga's artsy-fartsy thing, in the privacy of my domain.  And, I'd be fibbing if I didn't tell you how much it surprised me that Casey and his ponytail survived the wreckage of "Blue Skies."  How did  Big Mike, who killed with "The Way You Look Tonight," wind up in limboland ?  That's a head-scratcher, my friends.  He made it to the top four, nonetheless, and hugged it out with Aaron, nearly crushing his tender bones, as he whispered into his ear, "Loser."  Oh, I'm sure he said something nicer than that.  I'm just f'n with ya.  I'm tired.  Two words:  Party boys.  What will next week bring on "Idol"?  Jamie Foxx.  Hey.  I do a mean "Hit the Road Jack."  Better rehearse, just in case they need a backup singer. 

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