Saturday, March 3, 2012

Join The Family

Join us, won't you?
"Looking for adoptable family member to join nice Jewish family. We eat bagels and lox, love kugel and have enough tsouris to share generously! So if you know of any 'wandering' Judeas, send them our way! Need some new family to kvetch to. We have one requirement: They must get the kosher kit and get screened for 39 umpteenth Jewish genetic diseases. Just want to have the information for our records. Thanks in advance for what I know will be a fast and easy search! Or is it a good and easy fast?" --  (Shout out to the wonderful Anne Rainer for sending me this hilarious personal ad she wrote, which, God willing, is fake, because who'd be nuts enough to recruit new family members.)


  1. Oh! aunt min and aunt eva are looking so well! wish I could have been there. will be returning from Israel after shavout...have to stay for the sweet plump blintzes! Such yummy little bundles! gtg...purim hamentashen are waiting for me queen esthers bakery! xo chanika

  2. Anne, you've done me a mitzvah this morning. Can't wait to meet the new relatives. Everybody over to the house. Hosting our own Purim Carnival. Hope the bouncy castle doesn't collapse on the kinderlach like last year! That took some 'plainin. I'll be dressed up as Hamen, that bastard!

  3. I hate to spoil the surprise but the Rabbi slipped that the Short Jewish Gal will be crowned 'Queen Esther' at the Purim Festival tonight!

    Mazeltov darling!