Friday, March 16, 2012


Top Row: Monty Hall, Ben Starr, Rocky Kalish,Sid Caesar

Today I finally get to see "Lunch," the documentary that Donna Kanter, daughter of the late great Hal Kanter, has been working on for a while now, compiling footage of 12 comedy writers, directors and performers, including my dad, Ben Starr, who meet every other week at Factor's Deli, to nosh and kibbitz. "Lunch," to be screened for friends and family at the DGA, explores the friendships, the lives and successes of these comedy mensches.  To say I'm already kvelling is an understatement.
"Lunch" Teaser from Donna Kanter on Vimeo.


  1. I hope this will be something I can see. I also hope you pay as close attention to the treasure that is your father.

  2. It was pretty great. Hope it gets distribution. I talk to my dad every day!