Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The First Memory

Adler's Signature Dance Move
"The first memory will show the individual's fundamental view of life, his first satisfactory crystallization of his attitude." -- Alfred Adler

The SJG's first memory:  Falling out of bed onto the cold floor, in the middle of the night, and breaking my collar bone.  Smack!  Ouch!  Oy! Followed by screaming and crying.  I was three and a half.
So Al, what does my first memory say about me?  That maybe I'm a little too tuned into my own pain and suffering?  A little too sensitive for my own good?  A little too aware of life's "gotcha" moments? A little too self-involved?  How dare you.  I'm tuned into everyone else's pain and suffering, too.  But of course, my own comes first.
Tell me.  What's your first memory?

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