Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Daughter Breaks Some News

"Mom, Dad, I've got some news."
"Tell us, darling."
"Don't keep us in suspense."
"Michael asked me to marry him."
"Mazel tov!"
"What a blessing!"
"I knew he'd ask! I had a dream about it."
"What, he couldn't ask my permission first?"
"No one does that anymore."
"They do, too. In the movies."
"This isn't the movies. This is real life."
"Have you set a date yet?"
"We'll need to book the rabbi. You know how busy she gets."
"I know."
"Are you thinking this summer?"
"Maybe next summer?"
"So, fine, a long engagement."
"Why rush? You'll be spending your whole lives together."
"Not exactly."
"What do you mean?"
"I said no."
"You said no?"
"Why would you say no to such a mensch?!"
"He hated 'La La Land.' "

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