Friday, January 13, 2017

That's A Laugh

Judith goes into a Picture Framing shop and says to Skippy the manager, "I have something here that's worth over $100,000 and I would like that you should personally frame it."
"Oy, lady," says Skippy, "I've never ever been asked before to frame anything so expensive. Can I please see it?"
Judith hands over to Skippy her son's college diploma. 

Minky's Grammar School in is not known for producing brilliant students. Nevertheless, Brian the teacher says to his class one day, "OK class, listen up. Can anyone here put together a sentence with the word 'cultivate' in it?"
Only one boy's hand goes up. It's Shlomo, a student who, if truth be known, is a bit farmisht
"OK Shlomo," says Brian, "let's hear your sentence."
Shlomo replies, "Venever you're vaiting for the school bus and it starts to snow, you should go back home because it's too cul ti vate."

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