Friday, January 6, 2017

People Are Staring, Ma'am

"Excuse me, ma'am?"
 "Could you please stop singing that?"
"Ba du bop."
"Customers are complaining."
"Ba duba dop."'
"They're fleeing the store."
"Ba duba dop."
"Did you bring that microphone with you?"
"Ba du, yeah."
"Don't make me ask you again, ma'am."
"Three salespeople just went home with headaches."
"Ba duba dop."
"Have a heart, lady."
"Ba du bop."
"Oh, great, now you're dancing?"
"Ba du bop."
"Stop dancing."
"Ba du dop."
"People are staring, ma'am."
"Ba du bop?"
"Have some self-respect."
"Ba du dop!"
"There's the exit. Take the escalator and skedaddle."
"Have a nice day, ma'am."
"Ba du, too."

It's not my fault they were blasting "MMMBop" at Bloomies. 

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