Monday, August 29, 2016

How Much Is That Doggy On The Patio?

"Who was that short Jewish gal at the BBQ on Sunday?"
"I need a few more details."
"She was short."
"Yeah, I got that."
"She was bent over the whole time, talking to the ground."
"Oh, you mean the SJG. She wasn't talking to the ground, silly."
"She wasn't?"
"No. She was talking to the dog."
"What was she saying?"
"Silly things in a high-pitched voice."
"Like what?"
"Like, 'Well, hello to you! What's your name? Can I take you home with me?' "
"She wouldn't just walk off with someone else's dog, would she?"
"I hope not, but you know how possessive she gets. Once she sees a dog she likes, she starts professing love and offering treats and asking where she can get one just like it. Everyone kind of feels sorry for her."
"What does her husband think?"
"He's think they're not ready to get another dog yet."
"And does she accept that?"
"Have you met her?"

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