Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Ride Debuts At Six Bagels Over Sherman Oaks

Abandon all hope. The People-Pleaser is finally open at Six Bagels Over Sherman Oaks. It took 58 years to develop, but according to its designer, the Short Jewish Gal, it was well worth the wait. "Basically, everyone on the ride gets to sit in a colorful, comfy seat, except you, of course. For you, this ride is no-win. So hang on for dear life as you teeter, precariously on a shaky, unreliable track that may plunge you into a Shame Spiral at any moment. Risk your self-esteem while you cater to everyone else's needs. But wait, the fun is just beginning. God forbid you spill a refreshment or drop a cookie into the Pit of Despair! You have two seconds to retrieve it or you're sent back to the beginning of the longest ride in amusement park history. That's right. It never ends. Pretty scary, huh?  You may come up short, but you'll find a way to overcompensate. What choice do you have?"

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