Sunday, August 21, 2016


The Museum of Contemporary Food. Also known as Ralphs in 
Santa Barbara.  So what if the SJG mistook a market for a museum? What's your point? 

I could blame the mix-up on the wine. 

I could blame it on this inflatable reclining Buddha,
but he looks too serene. 

I could blame this non-communicative window washer,
who wouldn't answer me when I asked, "Hey, mister, where's the 
Museum of Contemporary Art?"

I certainly can't blame hubby, who took me to Santa Barbara
to celebrate our 36th anniversary. Blaming is never healthy 
in a long-lasting marriage. Trust me on this. 

After much reflection, I've decided to blame it on the bossa nova, 
which I'll be dancing tonight, in celebration of the end of the Olympics.