Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The SJG Life Coach Clinic

(Sherman Oaks) The Short Jewish Gal is pleased to announce the opening of the SJG Life Coach Clinic. "Here's how it works," she said in an exclusive interview with BetterYouThanMe.com. "You come in, you spend the next 58 years with me, maybe longer, depending on whether you're a fast learner or a slow poke, and reap the benefits of all the therapy I've had, not to mention, the tsuris. You sit in a comfy chair, we drink coffee, maybe have a nosh of homemade kugel, and I teach you how to encourage and lovingly reprimand your future life coach clients. Who knew there were so many creative ways to tell people they're screwing up their personal lives and/or so-called careers? At last count, I've discovered 92 ways, but by next week, it could grow to 100. What's that? You don't have 58 years to invest? Fine. I'm happy to help you in 29 years, for half the cost and half the results. No matter which plan you choose, at the end of the program, you get a lovely embossed certificate and the SJG's permission to go out there and help all the messed up people you can find, and be rewarded, monetarily, assuming the messed up people you find can afford you." 

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