Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Awake At Midnight, Barely

I'm desperately trying to keep my eyes open 
For the first time in years, the SJG was awake at midnight, and so was hubby.  The trick to staying awake:  spend New Year's Eve at someone else's house.  We went door to door, until someone finally let us in. Turns out, people are nicer in Encino.  "Hi, can we spend New Year's Eve with you?" I asked the lady who opened the door.  "Sure, come on in." Lucky us.  We wandered into a grown-up evening of highbrow conversation -- at one point centered on gherkin pickles and ice sculptures -- delicious food and a late-night viewing of "Life of Pi." "You'll be asleep before the tiger appears," I whispered to hubby.  "I'm wide awake."  "Now... but wait till the movie starts."  Wonder of wonder, miracles of miracles.  He made it through the entire film, all two hours of it.  I was the one who could barely keep my eyes open. Somewhere after midnight, I dozed off.  But don't worry, I woke up in time to get utterly confused by the ending.  "What happened?" I asked hubby, on the way home.   He wouldn't give it away.  "You'll have to watch it again, if you can stay awake."  Touche, hubby.  Touche.

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