Saturday, January 19, 2013

My TV's Possessed, How's Yours?

It has recently come to the limited attention span of the SJG that the downstairs TV is possessed.  A ghostly TV-loving spirit  from the great beyond has taken up residence in the flatscreen, a la "Poltergeist," and refuses on principle to go toward the light.  Said spirit is a bit of a prankster, and indecisive, to boot, turning the TV on and off, on and off, numerous times, just to eff with the SJG.  As everyone knows, effing with the SJG is easy these days.  I'm so very vulnerable.  It doesn't take much to throw me.  The possessed TV is having a field day on my behalf.  Here's how it plays out daily.  I pick up the remote, I turn on the TV. The TV goes on, then it goes.  Off, on, off, on, over and over.  Then its stays on for half a second, just to tease me, then it goes off again.  At some point, the TV stays on, once the ghostly spirit finds a show worth watching.  Naturally, hubby has all sorts of logical explanations for this otherworldly phenomenon.  He is far too healthy to give in to a "Twilight Zone" take on the situation.  The problem, he says, is electronic, a bad connection, a faulty coil, the result of static.  There, I have to agree.  Static from another dimension, perhaps.  "Point the remote away from the TV when it's not on," he tells me. What this achieves, I have no idea, but I'm going to do it, anyway, because, despite what hubby says, I'm convinced that my TV is possessed.  How's yours?

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