Friday, January 11, 2013

Return Policy

The SJG arrived with a few extras
not on the order form
A goodbye hug at the door:  "Thanks for letting me be your daughter, Daddy."  "You're welcome."  "You could've picked another daughter."  "But we didn't.  We picked you."  "Did you get everything you ordered?"  "Everything and more."  "I think they threw in a few extras, to see if you were paying attention."  "It's possible we may have missed a few things.  We were a little tired, chasing after your brothers."  "So, you probably didn't mean to ask for an overly-sensitive, anxiety-prone, extreme worrier."  "I don't remember checking off those boxes. It was 55 years ago."  "54 for another week." "You want me to go back and find the order form? I'm sure it's in a file cabinet somewhere." "Are you kidding?  Of course!  I'd love to have it for the SJG Library." "Well, just so you know, we've always been  happy with the model they gave us."  "That's good, 'cuz it's probably too late to return me to the factory."

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