Sunday, January 27, 2013

Young Vs. Old Woody

The young TV, which looks a lot like the old TV, but doesn't sound as good, brought us a newish movie I expected to dislike, intensely. Nothing depresses the SJG more than a bad Woody Allen film, and based on the reviews and the non-existent box office returns, I figured "To Rome With Love" was going to be a real stinker.  The night before, we'd watched "Annie Hall," so there was no way Old Woody could live up to Young Woody. Well, "To Rome With Love" was better than I expected, even charming.  Except for this guy:
Woody Allen, playing an old crank pot much like himself, made the SJG cringe. I don't like cringing at Woody Allen.  I cringed so much during the whole Mia vs. Soon Yi catastrophe.  I thought I was done cringing, Woody Allen-wise.  A while back, I decided to pick his art over his human eff-ups.  Wasn't that big of me?  But as soon as he appeared on the screen, I wanted him to slip quietly out of the movie.  He didn't.  He stayed.  I prefer Young Woody to Old Woody.  Young Woody is fidgety and charming, neurotic and lovable.  Old Woody is unlikable and unfunny, an epic curmudgeon.  Not that I judge. Okay.  Maybe a little.


  1. Not sure if I want to see it of my long-time BFF's cousin's is Tony Roberts who was in Annie Hall and others. I met him back in the day and he was handsome. Now he looks like my friend's dad:(

  2. Sorry to read this. Perhaps there's a lesson in this for any of us who might be aging, starting to look like our dads, and focusing too much on what's wrong with the world. :)

  3. I think the lesson is we all star in our own movie, but don't necessarily want it filmed.