Friday, October 19, 2012

Ring Ring

Ring ring!
The SJG was out to lunch the other day... no, I wasn't out of it, how dare you, I was actually out to lunch with friends, silly, and every two minutes, I heard my cell phone ringing.  At least, I thought it was my phone.  It wasn't my phone.  It wasn't my friend's phone.  It was the guy at another table's phone.  These days, everywhere I go, the market, the gym, even the non-profit charitable foundation I started in my own office -- "Yep!  I'm still working for free," the recurring theme -- there it is again, the same iPhone ring.  The old fashioned ring ring of my childhood and your childhood, the old fashioned ring ring we heard in the glory days, pre-answer machines, pre-call waiting.  Of course, there are many other rings on the menu, many other fun options on the iPhone,  crazy alerts and buzzes and beep beeps, sounds to drive you meschuga, not to mention downloadable music for the more advanced, but, no, we all want a few bars of nostalgia.  We want the old fashioned ring ring of our youth.  Sure, it may get confusing at times, annoying and unnerving, but I have no plans to change my ring ring, and clearly, neither do you.

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  1. Speaking of answering machines...everyone only calls on my cell these days & I often go weeks without anyone leaving old fashioned messages on my home number.

    Those were the days...