Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tips From Ben The Elder

This week, my dad, Mr. Ben Starr, turns 91.  How did he do it?  How?!  How?!  I called him up and demanded some answers.  "Tell me!  Give me a few hints!  I am your daughter!"  "Okay, okay, calm down," he said.  So here are a few of his tips.  The rest, you'll get tomorrow. You want to reach 91?  You have to be patient.
1.  Get to 90 first.
2.  Never go to a doctor.  That will mean you are sick.  Ergo, avoiding doctors keeps you well.
3.  Never mention Tip #2 in front of intelligent people.
4.  Laugh, laugh, laugh.
-- Ben The Elder


  1. I believe Dad having three perfect children like us helped. Because we caused no stress or concern Dad continues to thrive.

    Personally I take close to full credit.

  2. He's right about number 2. At least, if you do go, stop going when you hit 75.