Monday, October 15, 2012

Short Jewish Skydiver

"That was fun," said the SJG
In a giant leap from more than 24 miles up, a short Jewish skydiver shattered the sound barrier Sunday while making the highest jump ever – a tumbling, death-defying plunge from a balloon to a safe landing into her own Sherman Oaks backyard. The Short Jewish Gal became the first person to reach supersonic speed without traveling in a jet or a spacecraft. Landing on grass that had once again been ripped apart by "that eff'n squirrel," the blogger lifted her arms in victory to the cheers of jubilant friends and spectators who followed her backyard descent. "I got a little nervous," the SJG admitted, post-leap.  "I wasn't thinking about breaking records, or what I'd serve for Thanksgiving.  It's at my house this year.  Please, don't get me started.  The only thing I wanted was to come back alive so I could keep nagging the people I love." The pressurized spacesuit "wasn't terribly flattering or thinning," she told reporters later, "but I did my best to get past it.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice fashion to make an impact."  The SJG's descent lasted just over nine minutes and at one point, it looked like she was spinning out of control.  "I'll admit, it made me super dizzy and I thought oy vey, this it it, I'll never meet my grandchildren.  If I plotz now, it'll be a big letdown." Luckily, she survived.  Traveling faster than sound is "fun," she said, "but I wouldn't want to do it again. Enough is enough."