Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Price of Fitness

Spinning Class 

In an on-going effort to stay fit, the SJG pushes the limits of what this rapidly aging body can do, and what it can do depends on forces beyond my control. There are days when I should seriously join the Marines, I'm so strong, so ready to kick ass it's just wrong. There are other days when I should hire a stand-in. In the role of the SJG, I give you, Olympic figure skater Kristy Yamaguchi. 
This morning, I'm feeling the after-effects of my most recent fitness insanity. To kick 2016 off right, on Saturday, I did something called Body Sculpt Yoga, where the mellow teacher refers to the booty as something else entirely, in a call-and-response with the class: "What do we love?" "We love Candy!" On the way home, my candy unwrapped, along with the rest of me. I steered with my elbows, the only part of me that didn't hurt. Sunday, I went all Fosse, Fosse, Fosse. I was fine till Monday morning, when I could barely move. Did that stop me from taking Boot Camp? Let me think about that. No. I jumped and lunged, lifted and panted and went for the burn. I nearly plotzed. On the way home, I steered with my nose. This morning, I'm crippled with pain and questioning my entire existence. Will I let physical agony stop me from dancing again tonight? From Spinning Class tomorrow? Not if Leo, my personal guardian of fitness, has any say in the matter. 

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