Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Charged-Up, Emojically

Yesterday, I received this thoughtful, emoji-charged email from my very thoughtful, equally-silly friend Anne: "Are you guilty of being linguistically incompetent?" 
(Answer: How dare you!) 
"I'm calling on the powers of the SJG to shed light. Have we failed at wearing grown up pants? Are we going to forever succumb to the taunting need to behave like adolescents? Is that a good thing?"
(Answer: Hell yes, it's a good thing.) 
"Must we be role models even during playful writing rallies?"
(Answer: Eff no!)
"Is it truly a sign that we are incapable of being adults if we use emojis? I'm embarrassed to say they make me happy. I know you will take the proverbial emoji ball⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🏉🎱⛳️and run with it. Show us the emoji way, our fearless leader! Take us there🚗🚌🚲🚛🚘🚖🚃🚅⛵️🚀! I know you can! XO Anne"

The source of Anne's emoji rant? A snarky Brit disses the use of emoticons, deeming them "pedestrian and unimaginative...annoying," adolescent and blah blah blah. Well! He can shove it up his arse:

So today, allow me to (once again) defend the use of emjois. I love them. I cannot text without them. It's physically impossible. Just ask my sons. Ask hubby. Ask my brother John. Ask my closest friends. A text without an emoji is like a day without a regulated dose of SJG Serotonin Enhancer (awaiting FDA approval.) I simply must punctuate my thoughts with a smile, a wink, a smirk. I simply must emphasize my over-the-top love and complete, smothering adoration with many hearts and kissy faces. If this makes me less of a grown up, thank God. Many of my texts are riddled with exclamation points, too! I can't help it. I just can't. And, while we're on the subject, my texts break all the rules in "Elements of Style." So there!
By going apesh*t with emojis, I get it all out of my system before I attempt to write something serious and scholarly. What's that? I never attempt to write anything serious and scholarly? You make a good point. But if I ever did,  the document in question would be emjoi and exclamation-point free. On that, I can assure you, bitches!


  1. Carol,love your blog. What's happening with "Brushes'? No updates on Boomergirl blog. We wanted to go to KC City Stage show, but didn't see it on the schedule as announced.

  2. Thank you, dear Anonymous. Our Kansas run was canceled due to "lack of funding." A fairly heartbreaking turn of events. But, on a happier note, we're having a reading in Los Angeles in June at NoHo Arts Center and are hoping (kina hora poo poo poo) that it will lead to a production.

  3. Nah, I had a quick look at the article in The Guardian. He completely misses the point. It has nothing to do with trying to be a teenager. People use emoticons because it's difficult to show tone of voice when writing. "But a skilled writer can show tone with word selection!" he might say. Maybe, if we all had thirty minutes to craft each tweet or comment. It's a lot easier to show you're not being too serious by adding a little smiley face.

  4. Exactly, Bun. Plus it's silly, and I'm all about silly.