Sunday, April 10, 2016

Domestically Speaking

Over here at SJG Headquarters, we've been replacing old stuff that works okay, in my humble opinion, with newer stuff that works better, in hubby's opinion. Out went the noisy and smallish A/C units, perfectly camouflaged in the backyard with a nice vinyl trellis. In came the more energy-efficient, industrial-size units that purr like kitties and require a Trump-size wall to conceal. You could say that domestically speaking, the SJG and hubby view the household differently. I prefer to delay my aggravation. I'm more of the wait-till-it-breaks type of gal. It will be aggravating and cost too much, but I'll deal with it when I have no choice. Hubby prefers his aggravation early, served fresh with a bottomless cup of added expenses we didn't anticipate. He's more of the why-wait-let's-get-it-over-with-now type of fella. That's just how the hubby rolls. But as long as he doesn't decide to replace me with a more efficient, less-kvetchy model, I can survive the latest invasion of workmen.