Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What's The Meaning of This?

What does it say about the SJG when every Post-It, every scribble I find stashed in drawers and hidden between piles of bills relates to food?

Why do I only find lists of what food to buy? What dish to order for take-out? Why not something more substantial? More how-to-change-the-world? More how-to-support-this-chartity? That-charity? More life-changing in every way?

What does it all mean? Anyone? Anyone?


  1. You must be livin' on the downlow of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs... there's probably a script in there somewhere. Relationships centered on food are better than relationships centered on shelter; just ask my kids.

  2. Want to be food-centric? Just spend an entire day with your kid visiting every vacant one bedroom apartment in LA between La Brea and Marina del Rey... Avoiding $2,000 per month rent can buy alot of take out, delivered or out-to-eat variety and satisfaction.

  3. You are a wise man, Steve. I'm obsessed with food. What I can eat, what I shouldn't eat but want to eat, what I ate yesterday, what I'm going to eat tomorrow. And my sons only want in areas that have "walkability" so they can be close to food.