Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Have You Seen This Seder Plate?

Mine looks like this one. Give it back, you.

Missing Yet Again: One seder plate.

Color: Blue and white.

Last seen: In the kitchen. In the cabinet closest to the toaster oven. Bottom shelf. In the vicinity of the Matzoh Man, the Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hats, the "Guess Who's Engaged?" Banner (A Mother Can Dream Edition), and the "Mazel Tov, You're A Grandma!" Napkins (Kina Hora, Poo Poo Poo Edition).

If found, please contact the SJG, telepathetically. Or via email, if you prefer.

No questions asked.


One or two questions asked, along the lines of, "Where the bleep did you find the seder plate?"  & "What took you so long to return it?"

Reward: A nice big smothering SJG hug of gratitude. What? You were expecting money?

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