Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Brissing of the Brisket

This morning, Manny, the Brisket Broker sent over his good friend Barnie, the Brisket Mohel, to perform the ceremonial brissing of the brisket. As any good brisket maven knows, you cook the brisket the day before and refrigerate. On Seder Day, someone other than you (God forbid you should cut yourself; you've already burned your hand twice while shlepping the thing in and out of the oven) gently circumcises the top layer of fat off with a sharp knife. A fatty brisket is a Passover Shanda. (It's right there in the Haggadah, if you read between the lines.) Later, before the hungry ones arrive, you'll re-heat the meat and it'll be so ridiciously tender and delish, they'll be coming back next year for more, with or without an invitation.