Monday, April 11, 2016


Lately, I've simplified my needs. Scaled back on my big dreams. Dialed down my lofty goals. Lowered my expectations. At this stage, it's all about acceptance, right? The long legs, the lustrous hair, the math brain. Not happening. Those trains left me behind at the station. But that's okay by me. Let others be tall and swing their shiny locks in slo-mo and explain String Theory. Does the world need another hot, lanky physicist with a thick, fabulous mane? No. Not really. We've got enough of those types already. I'm down to the basic essentials. It doesn't take much to make me smile these days. A good book. A good cup of joe. A good dog shlepping slowly by my side. And yet, I'll admit, there is one thing I'd like to achieve. It's out of my comfort zone. It's beyond my grasp. Still. Just once, I'd like to wake up without several body parts in pain. Today it's my left forearm and my right heel. Yesterday it was... who can remember? Maybe my left shin and my right calf. In my quest to be healthy and fit, I'm falling apart. But like I said, these days, I'm keeping it simple. Re-visiting WebMd, hourly. Diagnosing myself. I don't need a concierge healer on the payroll. I know what I have to do. My new mantra: "SJG, Heal Thyself."