Friday, December 9, 2016

Not Tonight, Dear

"Please, Leah, please." 
"Oh leave me alone, Moshe." 
"But it won't take long." 
"If I do, I won't be able to sleep afterwards." 
"Well, if you don’t, I won’t be able to sleep either." 
"Why do you have to think of such a thing just before I go to sleep?" 
"Because I'm hot, hot, hot, that’s why, Leah." 
"You always get hot at the wrong times, Moshe." 
"If you really loved me, you wouldn’t be making me beg you." 
"Well, if you really loved me, you'd be more considerate." 
"Don’t you love me anymore?" 
"Of course I do, Moshe, but let's forget it for tonight." 
"Oh please, Leah." 
"OK, OK, I'll do it - anything for a quiet life!" 
"What's taking so long?" 
"I can't find it." 
"Oh, for heaven's sake, Leah, feel for it." 
"There! Now are you satisfied?" 
"Oy vey, that's good." 
"Is it up far enough?" 

"Yes, oh yes." 
"Now go to sleep and next time you want the window open, open it yourself."

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