Saturday, December 10, 2016

Regifting Made Easy

It's the thought that counts.

Some of the gifts the SJG plans to re-distribute this holiday season:
1. Disco mirror ball party nightlight still in original box.
2. Gilded, automatic matzoh-breaker, for those times when you're just too tired to break matzoh yourself.
3. Farbissina, the verbally-abusive, Yiddish-speaking Cabbage Patch doll that never caught on. A collector's item!
4. Stylish latke transporter. Keeps latkes warm for a while.
5. Offensive Statement Necklace, guaranteed to get the conversation going in the wrong direction.
6. Menorah-lighting lessons.
7. Super sexy, slightly-worn orthopedic slippers.
8. "I Made It Out of Clay" driedel-maker.
9. Rhinestone-studded pooper scooper.
10. Scolding Rabbi Garden Sculpture.

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