Friday, December 2, 2016

Plays Well With Others - Maybe

Today Sir Blakey of Sherman Oaks will surround himself with his fellow creatures at an elegant doggy daycare spa where dogs are treated like royalty, and that seems fitting, given his title. Shawn, the dog trainer ( still trying to train me to be a pack leader -- please don't tell her it's not working -- insists that Blakey needs to remember he's actually a dog, and not a short Jewish personage like myself. Oh, did I mention Blakey converted? Well, he did. It was a quick ceremony. He barked a few prayers in Hebrew and the rabbi said, "He's in! Welcome to the tribe. You may now start worrying." Speaking of worrying, when I drop him off today, it will feel much like I'm dropping one of the sons off for his first day of preschool. Except in this case, the dog is far more advanced than the sons were on their first day of early education. For instance, Sir Blakey knows where to do his business, whereas the sons were a little... oh, let's not say remedial... but if preschool taught them anything, it was how to hold it for a very long time. Preschool must've taught them more than just that. Like how to play well with others. Sir Blakey will be working on that skill today, and earning his first of many gold star doggy treats. I just hope he likes his new lunch box, even though I forgot to have it engraved. Maybe Blakey won't notice. He hasn't learned to read yet.


  1. Oh good luck blakey I'm sure you will have fun and hopefully mom packed lots of treats!