Wednesday, December 28, 2016

RIP: 2016

"Not everything sucks, dear." 

The consensus is pretty much universal: 2016 has been the suckiest year in a long time. Every year has its sucky parts. It wouldn't be a year if some of it didn't suck. Has there ever been a perfect year? I'm no expert, even though I play one in my own private blogosphere, and yet, I have it on good authority that no year zips by in a happy blur of "that was easy." For me, this year got off to a rocky start. Then things got better. Then they got weird. Then sad. Then better. Much better. Then weird again. I did a lot of re-grouping in 2016. I yelled a lot at the TV. I'm pretty sure the people on the flat screen didn't hear me. But it felt good, anyway. No matter how sucky this year got, no matter how many beloved icons and brilliant minds went that-away, there's still plenty to laugh about. So I'm just going to stay the course. That's my plan. In 2017, I will laugh my tush off. Join me, won't you? It's much better than the alternative.

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