Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ode to a Fallen Scrunchie

Ode to all the fallen things
Discarded in the street
The Nike, the purple sock
The scrunchie and black chair
The sofabed, the slinky
The drumsticks and the snare

Ode to all the fallen things
I see from day to day
The sippy cup, the booty
The chew toy and gold chain
The toilet seat, the mattresss
Set curbside in the rain

Ode to all the fallen things
So quickly tossed aside
Stop by any time you like
And browse our Lost and Found
Take your pick, just help yourself
To stuff left on the ground


  1. like pants on the ground... no seriously, loved this!

  2. Loved this one, too!

    We live one block away from five college dorms. My list would be more like: One can, two can, red can, blue can... and a Skye vodka bottle or two, just for good measure. And, yes, sometimes (under)pants on the ground.

  3. I've seen similar items near the wash. Condom wrappers, always a special sighting while dog walking.