Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Fling! Jailhouse Edition

A TV career is such a delicate thing, whether you're in front of the camera, or behind it, or off to the side, praying the actors and the director turn your script, that thing you've rewritten 182 times, based on notes, notes and more notes, into something good, or at least something in the neighborhood of not-that-bad.  Fade in: 1995.  Title: "Spring Fling!"  Network:  ABC.  Stars: no one you remember, other than maybe Joyce Dewitt of "Three's Company," and Pat Harrington, Snyder on "One Day At A Time."  The majority of the cast was young.  It was a family movie, featuring a busload of crazy prep school boys, a hot, bikini-clad teenage gal and her annoying little brother.  Their mission: screw up Dad's plans to sell the family-owned beachfront motel.  (Cue the hilarious hijinks!  Or something in that general vicinity!)  Sometimes, I wonder about the nice young actors I got to meet on my bumpy journey through TV land.  Whatever happened to them?  Did they go on to greatness?  Or infamy?  Turns out, some gave up the biz (smart), some disappeared (ba-bye), some went on to big things (mazel tov!), and some went to jail (oopsie).  Take Lisa Robin Kelly, former "That '70s Show" actress who played  the older sister for a while.  This past weekend, she was arrested for beating up a dude.  That's a double oy vey, right there.  I remember her well.  In "Spring Fling!" she played Jenny, the hot, bikini-clad best friend.  When we were in San Diego filming, she actually gave me notes on the script, along the lines of "Make it funnier."  Sheesh!  Every-body's a critic!  "Go directly to jail," I said, and stormed off, leaving a trail of sand behind me.  (It was a beach movie, after all.)  No, I didn't.  You know me better than that!  I said, "Oh, uh huh, good to know," then stormed off.  Or maybe I skipped off, tra-la-la-di-da, or broke into a light jog, and stood there and wept, openly.  Either way, I may never see her on TV again, unless it's on some awful reality show like "Celebrity Has-Been: Jailhouse Edition."  Well, Lisa Robin, I've got a few notes for you:  Get your sh*t together, girlfriend.  Show the world that the role you're currently starring in, down at the county jail, was horribly miscast.  Come on, now. The SJG is rooting for you.


  1. I remember that Joyce DeWitt paid to fly in to audition, right? Gee, MOWs were such fun back then & "Spring Fling" was funny. Perhaps delivering to Lisa Robin at the slammer a cake with the script hidden in it will help her reabilitate her career?

  2. I love that idea, bro! I will help Lisa Robin break out of jail. Yes! If that doesn't rejuvenate MY so-called career, what will?!

    1. Fret not, Carol. TV biz can be pretty sucky, ya know? And your blog ALWAYS rocks!

  3. Thankie, Vicki. She's gone public saying she wants to amke a comeback!