Friday, November 23, 2012

Basting Away

Here I am, basting away.
Did the SJG baste?  Oh, hell yes.  I basted and basted.  Every half hour.  Baste, baste, baste.  I watched my two turkeys like a mother hen.  I waited for the little pop up thingies to go pop, pop.  I even stuck a therMOMeter in the thigh to make sure it was 165 degrees.  Ouch.  Who knew my internal temp ran that high?  To review:  This year, I'm happy to report there were no disasters of any kind.  It's a Thanksgiving miracle.  My turkeys were delish.  My stuffing was OMG.  My yams were heaven.  I fed 18 tummies.  No one tripped on a chair.  No ambulances were called.  No appliances broke.  No one insulted anyone.  (Well, as far as I know.)  No one declared, "That's it, I'm never coming back here again."  So.  A big success.  A tired, yet spiritually fulfilled SJG.  Hope yours was fab, too, and you can still fit into your jeans.  And now, onward.  Next stop:  latkes.

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