Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Phone Time With Dad

"I found another inappropriate communication!"
"How you doin' today, Daddy B?"  "Fine.  I just unpacked five bags of groceries."  "Five?!"  "Trader Joes.  Vons."  "I admire your commitment to marketing."  "Thank you."  "So, what else is going on?"  "Petraeus."  "Isn't it the best?"  "There's already a new twist."  "There is?!  What? What?  What?!"  "I don't know."  "Why not?"  "You called right when CNN was about to tell me."  "How rude of me!  But aren't we loving this story so much?"  "The women are both sluts."  "What about the generals?"  "They should be... CNN's back.  I gotta go." "Oh.  Okay, then.  Bye." 

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