Saturday, November 24, 2012

This Show Will Change Your Life

It's not often that the SJG forces the sons to sit still in the name of theater.  Before we even arrived at the Pantages, they wanted to know when the play would be over.  And then we got there too early, which displeased the sons, but made hubby happy.  Give the man a freeway he can navigate easily and a primo parking spot and he's practically delirious.  "I told you it would only take 15 minutes," the eldest said, as we got out of the car.  We had an hour to kill.  In the opulent lobby, I regaled the menfolk with tales of previous shows I'd seen at the Pantages.  A few seconds into my spontaneous performance of "Fly Me To The Moon," I lost them all to their iPhones, even the visiting nephew.  They wanted to know how the Lakers were doing.  (Not well.)  Finally, we sat down and waited.  And then, the show began.  They forgot about the Lakers.  They laughed their tushies off.  But then, they're big fans of "South Park."  Any musical as outrageous as "The Book of Mormon" was bound to win them over.  They all loved it, thank God.  It was my second time with "Mormon."  I'd seen it in New York when it first opened -- a non-stop laugh fest that seemed impossible to match.  I knew all the jokes about maggots.  I couldn't wait for "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream."  It was big fun all over again.  Still, two trips to "Book of Mormon" is plenty for the SJG.  "Fiddler on the Roof." "How To Succeed." Five nights in a row wouldn't be enough.  But then, I'm a little stuck in the past, in case you hadn't noticed.