Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tap, Tap, Smash

Much like the bowl of tempting Halloween candy, much like the maniacal squirrel bent on destroying the yard, the lil birdy who drives the SJG cray-cray is back.  I know, I know.   It's not the same lil birdy from last year, the tiny guy that perched, semi-permanently, upon the window, and issued the following query:  "Are you my mother?"  That lil birdy finally got the message and went bye bye.  And now another lil birdy, maybe a baby brother, maybe a cousin, has returned to drive me cray-cray.  Tap, tap, smash.  Tap, tap, smash.  Seriously?  So tell me.  Is it the SJG's karma to deal with annoying creatures that come in fun size?  Is there a lesson to be learned here?  One about tolerance?  Am I supposed to accept that life is just one cosmic test after another?  That I should just deal with it? That it could be worse?  Much, much worse?  That maybe the SJG should just chill, for a change, as the young people say?  Okay, maybe I'll try it.  I'll try chillin'.  Maybe later.  After I flip the bird.

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