Sunday, November 11, 2012

Celebrity Sighting

Bearded Alec Baldwin
There he was, leaning against a store window in Beverly Hills, looking casual, looking like he belonged.  The SJG didn't even notice him.  I'd just met up with the lovely Nancy.  We were both on our way to Nate n' Al's for breakfast with friends.  Nancy spotted him first.  "I think that's Alec Baldwin," she said, out of the corner of her mouth.  I glanced at the bearded man, briefly.  When it comes to celebrity sightings, I never gawk.  Gawking is a no-no.  "I think you're right,"  I said, and gave Nancy a look of, "Be cool, we can do this."  Not that I wasn't jazzed.  I've adored Alec Baldwin since his "Knots Landing" debut.  I've never seen him up front and personal.  We were just inches away from him.  Thrill City!  And suddenly, he leaned forward to talk to us!  The star of "30 Rock"!  Oh, happy day.  "Got any spare change?" he said.  So.  Not Alec Baldwin.  Not even close.   But wasn't it pretty to think so?


  1. It was him, I KNOW it! He was just going incognito that day.

  2. I agree, Nancy. He was just effing with us!