Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Brief B'day Reign

This morning, I had to break it to hubby, gently.  I don't like to startle him too early in the morning.  I like to wait till he's had his first cup of coffee, nice and hot, thanks to the newest of the new coffee makers, which delivers java just this side of scorching... per the SJG's specific temperature request.  "Honey, it's time to take off the Birthday Crown."  "Nah-uh."  "Uh-huh."  "I won't do it."  "You have to."  "Why should I?  It looks good with everything." "You're no longer the Birthday Boy."  "I don't understand."  "Let me explain.  You're only the Birthday Boy for the day of your birth."  "That's disappointing."  "I know." "So, no one's going to hand me a cupcake today?"  "No."  "Or sing to me?"  "No."  "No gifts or cards or long-distance calls?"  "Afraid not."  "That's eff'd up."  "But I saved you the cake candles." "Thank you.  That was thoughtful."  "Thoughtful's my middlle name."  "I thought your middle name is Susan."  "I changed it to Thoughtful sometime in the '90s."


  1. Please note and pass on to your disappointed man: When the b'day falls on a Friday or Saturday, the b'day person may have the entire weekend dedicated to the celebration. Seriously. That's the rule.

  2. Aw... he'll have to wait a few more years for this weekend fest.