Monday, February 25, 2013

Stair Fall

For a fun night watching the Oscars, make sure you watch with fun people.  No matter how lame and boring the show might get, it doesn't matter when everyone in the room makes you laugh.  The SJG and the menfolk, the hubby, the two sons, schlepped to a nice part of town, where the Cuzzy dwells in splendor with his beauteous wife and magazine-ready children.  Also present for the festivities:  my brother and his boyfriend, my aunt and the Cuzzy Who Caters.  As a general rule, always invite a caterer to an Oscar party.  Even if she's not catering, she still brings food.  It's win-win.  As a group, we laughed and cringed, we groaned and applauded.  We feigned surprise.  We pondered the abundance of random musical numbers.  We critiqued the bounty of gowns and cosmetically-altered faces.  Some in the room were harsher with the commentary than others.  No names mentioned.  (John.)   Once Adele sang "Skyfall," we couldn't stop singing the tune, attaching it to every movie and nominee throughout the rest of the very long show.  When Jennifer Lawrence took a tumble on her way to glory, the Cuzzy belted, "Stair Fall."  It was that kind of evening.  We kept the party going, even when it stalled on TV.
Self-fulfilling prophecy:  Skewered by critics