Friday, February 1, 2013

I'd Tell You, But It's Forbidden

Once in awhile, the SJG steps out of the culinary box and tries something new.  Historically, this tends to be a bad idea, one that leads to internal disruption.  The other night, silly me, I did it again.  I was so excited to be in an actual restaurant, a trendy hipster spot in NoHo, no less, that I forgot all about my delicate constitution and ate something forbidden. What did I eat?  I'm so glad you asked.  It shows you care.  I ate... Forbidden Rice.  They call it Forbidden because... oh, eff, I don't know why.  Hold onto your iPhone, I'll check. Okay, I'm back.  It's called Forbidden because, according to my close peeps at Wikipedia,"in ancient China, black rice was considered the finest grain and only served to the Emperor. 
"Therefore, it sometimes is called forbidden rice, as it was off limits for the general public." And based on my generally iffy intestinal track, off limits for me, too.  Turns out, the exotic rice is a "super food"... super hard to digest.  Next time, I'll pass on the forbidden.  Sometimes, it's better to stick with the predictable food groups I know won't upset me.  Like this:
And this:

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