Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Unwanted

"The Unwanted": A new horror movie coming soon to Sherman Oaks.  Really soon.  As in Thursday.  Friday at the latest.  The anticipated scream-fest unfolds in the garage, as father and son attempt to shove The Unwanted Fridge into a tiny space.  For weeks leading up to The Dreaded Move, when the eldest son cruelly abandons suburbia for the bright lights of Hollywood, we've been debating what to do with his eff'n fridge, the one we bought him two years ago.  He can't leave it in the old apartment.  His new apartment comes with a fridge.  So naturally, the eff'n fridge becomes our problem.
Every day, the discussion goes something like this:  "It's not going to fit."  "It'll fit."  "No way."  "I'll just move some things around."  "Forget it.  Let's give it to charity."  "I'll use it as a wine cooler."  "A wine cooler?!"  I'll let you guess where the SJG stands on this pressing matter.  Hint:  In another county, if possible.  I could barely get through "The Exorcist."  I'm not sure I can sit through "The Unwanted."

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