Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ricky Raccoon, Rocky's Troubled Brother

Ricky Racoon, looking for trouble
Plenty talk today about some dude named Punxsutawny Phil predicting the weather.  Plenty talk today about some bros coaching some big game on Sunday. But nothing about Ricky Racoon, Rocky's lesser-known brother, currently haunting the neighborhood of the SJG. The emails have been flying back in forth, full of dire warnings.  

First this:
 "A neighbor saw a HUGE raccoon tonight.  We're keeping our dog inside and our doggie door locked!  We had one try to get into our doggie door in the middle of the night one time."  

And then this:
"There are families of racoons that visit the neighborhood twice a week and the adults are large.  About the size of a small German Shepherd.  Don't leave anything edible in your yard and close up as many openings in your fences and gates as you can.  They climb well and are smart but will ignore your yard if things are difficult and unrewarding.  They're all over my security videos.  Possums too."

And finally, this:
"I have seen groups of as many as five raccoons roaming the neighborhood at night."

All I can say is triple oy vey.  Is it wrong that the only thing I'm worried about, raccoon-wise, is our grass?