Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Dear SJG,
My hubby's Eccentric Elderly Aunt joined us for Rosh Hashanah dinny and left her funky retro sunglasses behind. I only discovered them this morning, stuck between the sofa cushions. Just for fun, I tried them on, and oh my G, I look so cool, so mysterious, so, dare I say it, gorgeous, it's criminal. My question to you has to do with etiquette. When someone leaves something behind at your house, are you obligated to tell them, or is it more of a finders-keepers/losers-weepers situation?
Feeling Shady
Dear Shady,
The answer to your question lurks within the pages of my new bestseller, "The SJG Will Judge You Now." In this instance, it's important to ask yourself whether it's kosher to hang on to the Eccentric Elderly Aunt's sunglasses and wear them so they don't go to waste, or, whether it's okay to say, "What sunglasses?" when she calls up, crying hysterically, and asks if you've seen them. Do you want to be inscribed in the Book of Life for another year, or rot in hell for eternity? The High Holidays are the perfect time to explore these difficult issues.
You're Welcome,

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