Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Want To Hold Your Yarmulke

Random news delivered during delightful break-the-fast-even-if-you-didn't-fast:
"My friend's friend saw Paul McCartney at temple today."
"He was at Temple Emanuel."
"@#$%! I used to go to that temple, a million years ago."
"How do you know?"
"My friend's friend sat next to him."
"Well, one seat away."
"Close enough."
"Just the thought of it... you look over and there he is! Sir Paul!"
"I'd start screaming."
"You wouldn't."
"I'd lose it. I would."
"I'd have to be carried out by the ushers."
"I'd pay to see that."
"He's married to a Jew."
"Barbara Walter's cousin."
"Do you think he fasted?"
"Sir Paul? No."
"He only eats vegetables, so how hard would it be to give up broccoli for a day?"
"How do you play it cool when Paul McCartney's right there in shul?"
"It's not humanly possible."
"Did someone ask him to sign their tallis?"
"Or their prayer book?"
"Excuse me, Sir Paul? Could you sign my yarmulke?"
"The only celebrity to ever show up at my temple was either Mary-Kate or Ashley."
"Which one?"
"Who knows? One of them. She was dating a handsome Jewish boy and came to services."
"So, that must've been pretty exciting."
"Not on the level of Paul McCartney."
"Talk about a nice way to start the new year."
"Gut yontif, Sir Paul!"
"Shana Tovah, Sir Paul!"
"Next year, come to my temple."
"I'll save you a seat."


  1. Yes, you must bring him next year. I will save you a seat...a good one!!