Thursday, October 6, 2016

Swearing: It's Good For You!

Every few years, a report resurfaces that swearing is good for you. It helps relieve pain and suffering, helps you bond with co-workers. I just heard about a new study, but actually, it's an old study. The Brits, known for such colorful expressions as, "Oh, Blimey!" and "Bloody hell!" and "Bugger off!" are responsible for the pain study, first mentioned in Time in 2009: "Psychologists at Britain's Keele University recruited 64 college students and asked them to stick their hands in a bucket of ice water and endure the pain for several minutes. One group was allowed to repeat a curse word of their choice continuously while their hands were in the water; another group was asked to repeat a non-expletive control word, such as that which might be used to describe a table. The result was that swearing not only allowed students to withstand the discomfort longer, but also reduced their perception of pain intensity. Curse words, the study found, help you cope."
Well, the SJG doesn't need to stick my hand in ice water to figure that one out. But anyway, back to the experts. Richard Stephens, a psychologist and lead author of the 2009 study, says, "Swearing increases your pain tolerance." Duh! How do you think I got through labor? "Swearing reduces the perception of pain more strongly in women than in men. That may be because in daily life men swear more than women." Oh, eff that! In this house, I'd say we're about even. Either way, I'm happy to embrace any study that says swearing is good for you. This is important sh*t, people! It helps justify my existence in so many ways.

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